Os Cristãos Egípcios Decapitados Não Negaram A Cristo

Os Cristãos Egípcios Decapitados Não Negaram A Cristo

Os Cristãos Egípcios Decapitados Não Negaram A Cristo

welcome to this edition of Christian
world news everyone I'm Wendy Griffith
thanks for joining us well imagine
seeing your husband brother or father
brutally killed by religious fanatics
that's what happened to many families
when Isis executed 21 Egyptian
Christians in February while the
horrible video led to worldwide outrage
some families are happy that the martyrs
kept their faith and as Gary Lane found
out they're ready to forgive I was very
proud that my husband stood firm in

faith and that he didn't deny Jesus that
surprising reaction is happening 150
miles south of Cairo in the village of
El our residents there honor the
sacrifice of 21 Egyptians brutally
murdered last February by Isis their
pictures are prominently displayed in
the sanctuary a Virgin Mary Church 13
attended this church the martyrs left
behind family members like 23 year old
Miriam Farhad she became a widow when
the militants beheaded her husband
Maliki brahim in Libya she first lea

of his

murder when she saw this now
infamous video on local television we
were very sad for the first two days but
we hadn't seen the video when we saw
them in the video calling to Jesus we
were very comforted and that's why
Maryam and other families say they were
now joyful not sad but bow al hams
brother Samuel was among those killed
we were always praying that God would
make them steadfast in their faith we
were very happy with what they said on
the video Jesus Christ have me

rcy on us
when we found

out they had been killed
for being Christian we were very
comforted because these were God's
children and he took them
although Samuels wife and children now
live without a husband and father his
family told CBN News their faith is
stronger they forgive the jihadis and
even pray for Isis I pray for them that
God may open their heart and they may
know the truth
and know that what they do is wrong and
then do that I think Jesus told us to
forgive every sin and w

e forgive them
and we hope that they

can come to know
Jesus Christians here in Egypt are
encouraged to know
they're not alone back in the United
States there's a growing movement among
Christians there to demonstrate unity in
solidarity with those who are suffering
for Christ in the Middle East what we
thought was how could we identify and
stand in solidarity with our brothers
and sisters in Christ who are being
brutalized around the world for their
Christian faith
what tangible thing

could we do what
practical thing could we do

orange jumpsuits came to mind
Mahoney and others launched the hashtag
orange jumpsuit campaign the movement
has expanded to orange scarves sweaters
and ribbons it's to remind our brothers
and sisters that we love them and were
standing with them and to remind
decision makers here in America and
across the globe the free nations of the
world we cannot be silent on this issue
Mahoney says the response has been
amazing non-chri

stians have joined in as
well a Jewish rabbi to stand

solidarity with persecuted Christians is
dyeing his beard Orange which i think is
incredible and I can't wait to see that
Miriam was encouraged after she Bude
cell phone photos of Americans wearing
orange may the Lord make their love grow
and grow we are very happy with their
love we don't deserve their love Mahoney
says every five minutes around the world
a Christian is killed for his faith
people don't understand the ki

nd of
barbarism and brutality they are going
through and you know when I

persecuted Christians in the Middle East
there's one thing they always ask it
doesn't matter if it's Iraq Syria
wherever it might be it's this please
remember us and wearing orange on the
job or at church helps people remember
them I think people need to understand
that if we do not act quickly the public
expression of Christianity may be
extinguished in the Middle East as
elavil Holocaust survivor and Nobe

Peace Prize winner says we must always
take sides silence only helps the

never the oppressed
Miriam also has a message for others who
have suffered or still face danger from
Isis don't be sad or cry God will
support us all he will fulfill his
promise that he is the father of the
orphans and the widows Gary Lane CBN
News Cairo Egypt

Os Cristãos Egípcios Decapitados Não Negaram A Cristo

Imaginem o ISIS seqüestrando um ente querido e você vê a sua decapitação brutal na televisão. Muitas emoções diferentes podem surgir, incluindo raiva, tristeza e depressão. Mas um grupo de cristãos egípcios estão respondendo de forma muito diferente do humanamente esperado.



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Os Cristãos Egípcios Decapitados Não Negaram A Cristo

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